Executive Coaching in 2016

There has never been a better time to contract with an executive coach. From humble beginnings tin the  1980s coaching has become the intervention of choice for individual and team development, giving organisations in every sector all over the world a trailblazing tool for change. It is a wonderful privilege to be part of the coaching movement.  

Making your Choices

How do you choose an Executive Coach?
There are many coaches who are good at working at a practical, transactional level, but fewer who inspire and co-create a truly different, exciting future for your managers and executives.  Impronta coaches work at this inspirational level. We aim to put the backbone into organisational change and a skip in the step of our clients!

How do you choose the Managers and Executives who will benefit from Coaching?
Although executive coaching will support the careers of everyone within an organisation, those who benefit most are those who have a desire to improve their leadership behaviours, further their careers, develop a deep level of self awareness and be prepared to stand up and be counted in a fast-changing world. 

Executive coaching works - and it works best when there is a highly committed partnership between executive coach and client - then it moves mountains. 

Why contract with Impronta?

  • Inspirational coaching for individuals and teams
  • Well established business 
  • Qualified and accredited coaches
  • Board level interventions
  • Cross-sector experience 
  • Tailored programmes
  • Trust and respect
  • A choice of psychometric tests
  • Dedication to results
  • Respect for organisational values and reporting needs
  • Multicultural and international experience 
  • A strong client list with repeat business
  • Great testimonials (See some examples here)
  • Flexible solutions 
  • Total dedication to your success
  • A return on your expectations
  • Value for money 
Executive Coaching and Leadership Skills from Impronta

" We guarantee that our executive coaching will recharge the leadership of your organisation!" Edwina Biucchi, Principal Coach and Director, Impronta Coaching

Please have fun browsing and then write to info@impronta.co.uk or ring us on
+44 20 8341 7785.

I look forward to connecting with you.  Edwina


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"I have had several Executive Coaches in my career, but the only one who has really inspired me to change my behaviour is Edwina. The strange thing is that I expected the experience to be rather pedestrian.  Far from it -  it was so thoroughly enjoyable and I am delighted with both the process and the results!"
Area Manager, Pharma Company, Europe